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ESPN 홈페이지에 연아양이...

바이오매니아 2010. 2. 12. 21:21
이번 동계 올림픽에서 김연아양이 주목받는 인물인 것은 확실한 듯하네요. 제발 긴장하지 말고 평소 하던대로만 해주길...

ESPN.com의 동계올림픽 소개 기사에 등장한 김연아 선수

김연아 선수가 출전하는 날은 23일, 25일인가보네요. 

The Olympic events you can't miss (

Feb. 23 Women's figure skating, short program: The Olympics is never won here, but it's often lost. South Korea's Yu-Na Kim will probably be the belle of the ball on this night for her scintillating "Bond girl" program that features music from the famous "007" films, but several skaters should be bunched at the top, including Japan's Mao Asada and Canada's sweetheart, Joanie Rochette. -- Ford 

Feb. 25 Women's figure skating, free skate: Japan's Mao Asada could vault to gold if she hits two triple axels as she did at the Four Continents event a few weeks ago, but doing that under Olympic pressure is a long shot. If she's in form, she and compatriot Miki Ando should pose a strong challenge to world champion Kim. Rochette could win her country's first medal in the event since Elizabeth Manley in 1988. Americans Rachael Flatt and Mirai Nagasu will need the skates of their lives to be within hailing distance. -- Ford